In The Tapestry Of Life, We Are All Connected

Celebrated at the beginning of January every year, Makar Sankranti ushers in a wave of festive cheer all over the country. This is the day we appreciate all those who assisted in making the harvest — the farmers. 

Since there was a time when humans could eat only what the earth offered, farmers helped us get what we wanted from the earth by learning agriculture They toil day in, day out to produce the food on our plates, while weavers create patterns mixing shades with their hands, pulling and tugging the threads with endless hours of labor, enduring rigors of work to see us draped in beautiful silk sarees.So we honor them on the day of Makar Sankranti to remind ourselves that we should be grateful for what we take from this world.

Festivals celebrated across India have been the main source of handlooms for centuries. Though the passage of time may have brought about a change in the weaves, patterns, and designs boasting glamor, magnificence, and exquisiteness, the importance of handlooms remains the same. No festival or celebration is complete without them –– Silk, being one of the most elegant creations, has intermingled with the life and culture of every Indian. 

For Indian women, it's almost like an elixir. The silk is always woven interwoven with the way of life and culture. There are several silk weaving centers spread all over the country, known for their distinct and typical style. Artisans all over the Indian sub-continent tried to master the weaving of sarees as exclusive as one can think of, putting motif designs, colors, patterns, and versatility in them. No two sarees can be of the same design. Thus there are innumerable patterns and diversity. 

Thousands of looms across the country engaged in weaving silk are trying to bring out the traditional beauty of India's precious heritage and e a livelihood to millions of families. There is hardly a place where weavers do not exist, weaving out the traditional beauty of the region. Their skills and activities are kept alive from generation to generation as they blend myths, symbols, and imagination to bring an appealing vigor to the fabric. The artisan's distinct form of art, weave, and color usage gives every region its unique identity. 

What sets our silks apart is the excellent artistry, color combination, and fine quality. Here at Kuberan Silks, we make a humble attempt to learn about the artistic and aesthetic sense of Indian weavers, their creation of intricate designs and celebrate Makar Sankranti dressed in our Kanchipuram Silks to give the farmers, weavers & artisans across India a reason to celebrate as well!